Doctoral Papers

The degree requirements for earning your Doctor of Commissioner Science Degree at PACCS can be found by clicking HERE.  The format requirements of the paper has evolved over the years, and the template currently being used for papers can be found by clicking HERE.  The timing requirements for submission and approvals of titles, outlines, drafts, and final papers can be found HERE.

Over the years, PACCS students have generated over 100 doctoral papers as students have earned their Doctorate of Commissioner Science degrees.  We have scanned the papers we have been able to locate and have them stored here so that they can be used as a resource by Scouters.  No sense reinventing the wheel!

A bibliography was created by Hulic Ratterree as his doctoral paper, and he continues to updated it each year (CLICK HERE  for the bibliography updated through 2015).  You can use this document to search for a particular topic that interests you among the papers that we have stored on the site.  If a paper interests you, just make a note of the author’s name and find it in the list below to access their paper.

List of doctoral papers by author’s last name (through 2016):

Aikens, G.

Alverson, J. W.

Anderson, L. J.

Armstrong Jr., C. J.

Atkinson, C. H.

Ballard, J.

Barbee, L. L.

Bartlett, D. D.

Barnes, L. A.

Bates, W. L.

Beckner, D. R.

Bell, A. G.

Bivens, J.

Blackard, G. M.

Blake, J. H.

Blouin, R.

Boling Jr., J. L.

Booher, A. L.

Booher III, R. G.

Bowers, F. H.

Brooks, N.

Brown L A

Bryant, C. D.

Buckner, R. G.

Caldwell, D. M.

Carroll, T. M.

Chambers, D.

Clark, K. W.

Compos, D. M.

Couch, E. R.

Cox, D.

Cox, W.

Cramer, K. H.

Dare, D.

Davis, C.

Delger, J. M.

Dellinger, T.

Devich, J.

Dingman, L.

Dixon, J. C.

Doan, D. B.

Duke, L. A.

Edens, G. B.

Egan, R. A. J.

Elkins, J.

Ellis, B.

Farmer, R.

Faulkenberry, D.

Floyd, T. L.

Frame, M.

Freeman, E. L.

Galloway, S.

Gebert, W.

Goerke, D. A.

Graham, J. M.

Halliday, R. D.

Hancock, R. A.

Hancock, V. R.

Hardy, B.

Harris, S.

Hartley, C. H.

Heglar, H. H.

Heide, I. E.

Henderson, W.

Herlihy, M.

Holley, R.

Humphries, J. D.

Hyslop Jr., F.

Ingram, R. L.

Justice, F.

Keller, W. B.

Kennedy, R. L.

Kerley, D. L.

Knickerbocker, F.

Koontz, B.

Korinko, P. S.

Kraus, P. D.

Law, M. C.

LeCrone, G. C.

Lege, F. O.

Litten, B.

Lucas, L.

Luck, S. L.

Macbeth, R. L.

Malmquist, B.

Marino, L. J.

Marshall, T. I.

McCampbell, H. S.

McEntyre, L. M.

McGarragher, L.

McGarragher, S.

Medlock, R. G.

Montpelier, D. J.

Moran, T. P.

Morrison, S.

Moseley, D. F.

Mullins, A. W.

Mullins, M. J.

Ormseth, R.

Orr, F. L.

Overstreet, H. K.

Patton, E. E.

Peoples, A. J.

Persons, S. C.

Poole, C.

Poore R. E.

Randolph, R.

Ratterree, H. B.

Reano, M. M.

Redd, S. D.

Reeves, C.

Roberts, E. P.

Robbins, T.

Ross, J. R.

Rutledge, N. A.

Sands, J.

Sargent, V.

Schrichte, W. C.

Schumann, S.

Shanks, C.

Shull, R. J.

Smart, R. H.

Stoner, E. G.

Stoner, G. C.

Strasburger, R. L.

Sweet, J. M.

Swift, L. W.

Taylor, K. W.

Taylor, M. H.

Thomas, S. G.

Thompson, M. L.

Thorne, L. A.

Turner, R. L.

Uhrich, R.

Van Deusen, D.

Veal, J. A.

Vincent, R. A.

Vissage, R. D.

Wasness, N. E.

Waters, E. F.

Watson, J. A.

Watson, L. V.

Webb, G. L.

Wells, B. M.

Wentz, J.

White, C. H.

White, R.

Will, J. G.

Wilson, S.





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